Monday, February 14, 2005

Back in the USSR

I think that any student of totalitarian regimes will find the Israeli plunge into the abyss most enlightening.

Let's review the facts.

1) Democracy is Government by the People- The Likud (not Sharon) was elected on a specific platform that did not include the unilateral withdrawal from anywhere. The Likud rejected that position in a plebiscite. Sharon rejected the voters. He knows better. Hence, he bulldozed democracy and pushed through the retreat.

2) Democracy guarantees freedom of Speech- According to a new law going through the Knesset, passive resistance to the retreat from Gaza is punishable by jail. Anyone who opposes Sharon/Peres is delegitimized as a potential murderer of ministers or of Sharon, himself. Anyone yelling at a minister will soon be incarercerated in Administrative detention. I wish I could plead with all the hotheads not to give the thought police ammunition to further delegitimize themselves and us. The Pravda/Izvestia reporters at Haaretz and ITV are just waiting for you. Don't act out!

3) Democracy Can Self-Destruct- The USSR and PRC were both legal governments that were elected (once) and from then on knew better than the people what the people needed.

I've been a Likud member for many years. Next week, I'm resigning.

I've been a Zionist all my life. Now, I don't know why I bothered.

I"ve been an Israeli for many years. For the first time in those many years I realize that in the game called Democracy, the United States of America wins, hands down. Israel, in its suicidal march of folly, wouldn't know democracy if it fell on it.


At 10:10 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Shalom Gehiva,
My name is Eitan and I'm a Tel-Aviv university student. I was just looking for sites I'd like to create links to on my site and ran straight into yours.

The only son of a Jewish refusnik from the former USSR, I can appreciate your bitterness towards the situation here. I'm planning on going back to the States to get a Masters in journalism; it would be accurate to say I enjoy and appreciate good
writing(such as yours). If you have the time and interest feel free to skim through my site:


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