Sunday, February 13, 2005


There's an old saying that one is supposed to do everything you possibly can to achieve your goals, only to teach that effort (hishtadlus) really makes no (or, at least, very little) difference. Ultimately, it's all up to God.
I"ve been mulling that saying over and over again all week, unable to write-vacillating between tears and anger and back to tears. The settlers of Gush Qatif are doomed. Their lives will be bombed, while their fellow Jews shrug it off as- sometimes you need to move. (Of course, noone ever asked them to move!)
The same fate of expulsion and rebuilding is probably awaiting tens of thousands of others, as Israel surrenders to the Palestinians. This time, as opposed to Oslo, the Arabs have learned their lesson. Shut up, act nice and let the Jews buckle under. Behave while they destroy their synagogues, strip their national identity of meaning, beat up other Jews and jail those who dissent. There will be plenty of time to return to the sword and finally return all Falastin to to the Dar al Islam.
Allahu Akbar! The Jews are finally learning to return to their natural state as weak-kneed, pliant dhimmi. Cassandra-like, those who cry to the Jews to open their eyes tell the truth but are dismissed as raving lunatics.
Forgive us, Father! We must have sinned grievously in Your sight. Otherwise, why do You visit such a decree, such a gezera, upon us?


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