Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Collective Insanity

Welcome to Coo-koo country. Today: 1) Sharon's new government started wobbling because Yahadut HaTorah split 2) The Likud Rebels are intent on brining Shatron down 3) The army announced that 48 Negev towns will be bombarded by Kassam rockets the minute we leave Gush Qatif 4) The head of the GSS, Avi Dichter, warned that leaving the northern Shomron will expose Afula to Bombardment 5) Abu Mazan, the 'moderate' new PA Chairman, is different from Arafat in tone only. In content he's more extreme 6) A US study says that THERE IS NO ARAB DEMOGRAPHIC THREAT TO ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE!!! and 7) Olmert says we"ll need to drive more Jews from their homes...

HELLO! Can we please get some Psych-tropc drugs put in our water, please. How else can we beat this general insanity?


At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

U still there?



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