Thursday, January 27, 2005

Spes Omnia Vincit!

Zev Jabotinsky ז"ל Posted by Hello
Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres are proceeding with their plan to drive Jews from their homes and hand over parts of the Jewish patrimony to an enemy who has never hidden his desire to drive the Jews into the sea. The nihilist Left is cheering them on, as it indulges its lust for self-destruction and self-loathing. Those who love Eretz Yisrael are stunned by the absurdity of Sharon's plans, and amazed at the fact that nothing seems to be able to stop it. Indeed, it may be that nothing will stop it.
What should we do? Hope. Hope kept the Jew alive through his exile. Conviction of the rightness of his cause led him to survive the Church and the Anti-semites and the Nazis and the Communists and the assimilationists. Jewish hope appears absurd. But, to borrow a phrase from Tertullian, its absurdity testifies to its veracity and to its tenacity. He who holds on to his firm belief that Eretz Yisrael is ours, will one day see his dream fulfilled.
This was one of the key lessons bequeathed to us by Vladimir Zev Jabotinsky, (and Menachem Begin) whose words have recently been so distorted by Sharon and the weakly heirs of Revisionist Zionism like Olmert, Livni, Meridor and co. As he wrote in 'The Left of the Jordan': 'If my land has been grown smaller, it is mine from its top to its furthest border.' If we continue to believe it, it will come true. When 'peace' was made with Jordan, the media hailed the death of the hope for 'both banks to the Jordan.' They were wrong! They still belong to us, nothing the Left says or tries to force feed an ignorant public can ever change that fact.
Long Live Eretz Yisrael! Long Live the Jewish People! Tel Chai!


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