Wednesday, December 22, 2004

To Shoah or Not to Shoah....

All of Israel is churning over the plan to have opponents of Sharon's 'disengagement from Gaza' wear orange Jewish Stars. (Orange is the color of the pro-Gush Qatif campaign.) Some are formany supporters of Gush Qatif are against. Personally, I oppose the use of Holocaust imagery in political debates. That having been said, the prospect of Jews driven out of their homes under Jewish guns while the low lifes ( check that, the self-hating bastards) on the Israeli Left (which is really the Palestinian Right) cheer is downright traumatizing. Someone forwarded the following to me from one of the lists serving Yesha. It makes the point very well. Wake up Israel!

Unless the evil decree is averted, we will all be subject to horrific scenes in a few months time of Jews being carried out screaming from homes thathave been the centre of their lives for many years; children and babies whohave never known any other place as home will be traumatized by having theirparents loaded into vans to be incarcerated in some far-off detentionfacilities, while they are being separated from them; Jewish furniture,Judaica, artworks will be carried off by soldiers and police to be stored"somewhere"; the loudspeakers will blare messages in the middle of the nightgiving Jews one final opportunity to come out peacefully or face theconsequences; bulldozers will be parked with their engines running waitingfor the order to wipe out traces of Jewish physical and spiritual life. Electric saws will be busy cutting through chains that tie Jews to poles,trees, concrete blocks. And the scenes of temporary homeless Jews, housed in makeshift camps, Jews who refused or were unable to make plans for their lives after disengagementwill haunt us all.Wake up all.Whether or not the orange badge is worn or utilized now, all the above willevoke Holocaust-type trauma in our nation. The Holocaust was not only gaschambers and extermination camps. The Holocaust was also all of the above -the degraded Jew, the evicted Jew, the humiliated Jew, the uprooted Jew. TheJew who believed that in the national home of the Jewish people he would besafe.


At 3:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The proposal to destroy the Jewish Community in Gaza is a crime against G-d's promise to His Chosen People that the Land of Israel is essentially Jewish. It is the arab occupiers that must be destroyed.

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Geviha ben Pesisa said...

Even in a justified war, you need to be smart about your tactics.


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