Monday, March 28, 2005

Requiem for Gush Qatif

Well, it's over. Sharon and Company have managed (with dictatorial efficiency) to bury the initiative to hold a referendum before driving 8,000 Jews from their homes in July. The festivities in Tel Aviv can commence and the Left can celebrate the downfall of the Jews. After all, the Jews are their misfortune. The Jews insist on having a Jewish State. The Jews insist that the right of Israel to exist is based upon an act of God. The Jews insist that they should be allowed to live anywhere they wish, just as Arabs are. The Jews embaress the Tel Aviv brunch clubs, because they're so....Jewish. Why can't they be normal? Like Madonna, like Aki Avni, like asi Dayyan's kid who dressed up as Hitler for Purim.

What did my grandmother used to say? Don't worry. Mir vellen zey iber leben. We'll outlive them too.

Sharon, keep in mind who it iis that will write the history you're so hot to make with your friend Peres. It will be those of us who decided to stay Jewish (and stay here).


At 12:00 AM, Blogger Greg said...

In one of the courses I'm taking we're learning about the period of the destruction of the First Temple, the Babylonian exile and the return to Eretz Yisrael.For some reason every time I hear mention of Gush Katif I feel like I've heard this story before. Much like Jews living in Judea, Jews living in Gush Katif seem to think they're inpregnable.

Although I can see you're ferverntly right wing like myself, I like the fact that you've been able to make your own peace with the upcoming disengagement. No doubt it's a pitty a Jewish government is transferring Jewish citizens despite what the past has apparently failed to teach us, but like you say, we're the ones who will, in the end prevail.


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