Thursday, November 11, 2004

Frankenthal, For God's Sake-SHUT UP!!!!

There is a rule in Israel that one doesn't take bereaved family members to task for mean and/or stupid things that they might say. It's a holdover, I think, from giving a lot of leeway to Holocaust survivors for, what might be taken as, inappropriate behavior. The idea is that if you'd been through that, you might not be 100% either.

The approach has merits, especially in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack or of a young soldier's death. However, there are some who 'lose it' permanently and harm the rest of us as a result. Such a one is Yitzhak Frankental. His step-son was kidnapped and murdered by members of Hamas, early on in the Oslo Peace. Ever since he's made hay about how evil the Israelis are and how wonderful are the peaceloving Palestinians. Nothing can shake the man's conviction that when Jews are murdered, it's their own damn fault. If we only: withdrew from Judaea and Samaria, gave the Arabs Jerusalem, resettled the refugees...there would be peace.The man is a blithering idiot, who robotically lives in a world of slogans.

He is, however, a rarity. He's religious and uses that fact to get on the radio and TV. Now, guess what? He's going to Yasser (Yimch Shemo's) funeral! As Maariv reports:

Frenkental, whose son was murdered in 1994 while serving in the IDF, told NRG Maariv, “I asked to take part in Arafat’s funeral because I think it would contribute to an Israeli-Palestinian dialogue and express empathy towards the Palestinian people”.
“Arafat is no longer alive and the gesture is towards the Palestinian people. I am sure many Israelis sympathize with the Palestinians today. I met Arafat many times and saw in him a man who wanted to reach a long-lasting peace. But again, I say, there was no partner on the Israeli side”, he added.

Please. Get thee to a psychiatrist. Free yourself of Stockholm Syndrome! Join the PA and move to Ramallah with Moshe Hirsch and the Neture Karta. But Go Away! Thousands of Jewish men women and children who were murdered in cold blood by this two-legged animal and his henchmen cry out: 'ENOUGH! SHUT UP!'


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