Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hello? He's a MURDERER!!!!

I understand why we're all so interested in whast happens to Arafat. I understand that who takes his place is important. What I can't figure out is how any Israeli can have sympathy for him. Haaretz, as usual, leads the pack. Get this:

Arafat's image in Israeli eyes became that of the artful betrayer, a discreet coddler of suicide killers, a versatile instrument finely attuned to, if not dragged along behind, the upheavals and impulses of the Palestinian street.


So united have Israelis of all stripes become in their antipathy toward Arafat, that even as he lay near death, headlines in major newspapers were flippant, comedians - who might well have respected him prior to the Intifada - merciless.

Of course they're merciless. He's a damned murderer of Jewish men, women and children. The bastard has more Jewish blood on his hands than anyone else since Hitler. I hope they forget to give him painkillers and that he is in agony for every minute of the rest of his miserable life.


At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Murderer is an understatement



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