Thursday, October 28, 2004

Deja Vu-Again!

The fact that Sharon got his disengagement was no surprise. The fact that the Left and the media are once again villifying all settlers, all religious Jews, all rabbis-anyone who disagrees witrh them, is no surprise. It's one big damned rerun...

So what's a surprise? The fact that after ten years of terror and four years of war, the Israelis have once again embarked on a massive land giveaway, with no breaks, no controls, no idea where the hell it will lead. And why? Well, some say demography. Hello? Afraid of an Arab majority? Have more children! Others say, it doesn't belong to us. So the Right responds, but that leaves Haifa and Tel Aviv open. The Left responds, that's demagogy. True. But it's also what the Arabs say.

Israelis are just plain dumb. Their leaders are dumber.

It will take a Divine kick in the caboose, once again, to wake them up. See Deuteronomy 32.


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