Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Temple Mount is Falling Part II

So this is the latest. After undermining the Temple Mount for years (with Sharon's complicity), the Police decided that they should limit the number of Arabs to go up during Ramadan. The Arabs screamed bloody murder and said they would handle it. Sharon and the police said ok, 'We trust you' (Right!). So what happened? Haaretz reports:

Some 90,000 worshippers attended prayer services on the Temple Mount on Friday, the first of the month-long Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Chief of Police Moshe Karadi said police would increase their presence on the Temple Mount to prevent disruptions and regulate the passage of worshipers during Ramadan....

Hello?! There are usually 250,000 Muslims on Har HaBayit on Fridays of Ramadan. Noone stopped them from coming. Yet only 90,000 came! Think they know something we don't?

Al Hayyat al-jedida, oops, I mean Haaretz, continues:

The decision could help defuse the latest row to flare over the shrine. In the period leading up to Ramadan the northern branch of the Islamic movement published a manifest entitled "A new plot against Al-Aqsa," calling on all Muslim citizens of Israel to participate in mass prayers at Al-Aqsa during Ramadan.It called Israel's warnings about the alleged danger of collapse at the site an attempt on the part of "the Israeli occupation" to banish Muslims from the precinct. "Since 1967 until today Israeli governments are waging a holy war bent on destroying the Al-Aqsa mosque," it says.

I guess the bastards from the northern branch of the Islamic movement needed to cover themselves just in case their colleagues did get them all killed when the mount collapses.


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