Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dershowitz Does it Again!

Leave it to Alan Dershowitz to show up the world's hypocrisy. In the latest edition of Jewsweek, he has an article called End the Occupation! Of course, when I first saw the title I started getting upset. Ugh!, I thought, he's trying to 'balance' his pro-Israel act. Boy was I wrong. But why report second hand. Here's his ipsissima verba:

When is the last time you heard about a demonstration on a university campus calling for the end of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon? Syria has been occupying Lebanon by force of arms for more than 20 years. Its 20,000 foreign soldiers and hundreds of "intelligence officers" rule that Muslim-Christian nation with an iron fist. No longer a democratic state -- as it was for decades under joint Christian-Muslim leadership -- Lebanon has become a terrorist state in which Hizbullah and other terrorist groups have a free hand to operate against Israeli and American civilians.

Yet those who shed crocodile tears for the Palestinians -- whose leaders turned down statehood and the end of occupation of Gaza and some 96% of the West Bank in 2000-2001 -- remain silent over the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. Some, including the Palestinian leadership, even support it. This should not be surprising because many of those same hypocrites also support the continuing occupation of Kurdistan by Turkey, Iraq and Syria, as well as the continuing occupation of Tibet by China.

'Hypocrites" - I like that. Read 'em and weep!


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