Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Temple Mount is Falling!

So now it's official (as if we didn't know before). HaAretz reports that the illegal creation of a mega-mosque under the Al-Aqsa Mosque included moving support beams. (Never mind the criminal destruction of invaluable archaeological finds.) So, if nothing's done. the Al-Aqsa mosque will collapse on the prayers underneath. Thousands may be killed. And you know who they"ll blame? The Jews, the evil Israelis, the Zionist devils, the occupation...who knows. So thirty seven years of kowtowing to the Waqf, of denying Jewish rights on Har HaBayit, of allowing the criminal destruction of the remnants of three millenia will result in a disaster that will take its price in lives.

And who will they blame? Us. And you know what, they"ll be right. Because in 1967 we let them keep Har HaBayit when they offered it to us on a platter.


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