Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Episcopalian Hypocrisy- Betraying Christian Arabs

If there were ever proof of the fact that twenty years of so-called dialogue between the establishment churches and Jewish representatives aren't worth a plug nickel, just consider the latest report from the New York Jewish Week. The Episcopalian Church, prodded by Palestinian Christians (who are stooges of Arafat), is considering divesting investments from any country dealing with Israel. Why?

Reverend Grieves cited other countries that have been the target of Episcopal Church economic sanctions, including China, Myanmar and Sudan. He said the search for more aggressive actions to change Israeli policy have been spurred by “the deterioration of conditions in the Palestinian territories. There is a deliberate kind of meanness and humiliation of the people that I find very distressing.

And how does this genius know that?

The divestment buzz began after a recent Mideast mission by the Anglican Peace and Justice Network, representing 23 provinces of the Anglican Communion worldwide, including the Episcopal Church in this country. After that eight-day visit, the group issued a statement squarely blaming Israel for the current crisis. “We conclude from our experience that there is little will on behalf of the Israeli government to recognize the rights of the Palestinians to a sovereign state to be created in the West Bank — which includes East Jerusalem — and Gaza,” the panel reported. “Israel, with the complicity of the United States, seems determined to flout international laws, whether they are the Geneva Conventions, United Nations resolutions or the most recent decision of the International Court of Justice in declaring the separation wall illegal.” The panel recommended an immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces to the 1967 borders and a “compete halt to settlement building, both new or expanded, to be followed by a process of phasing out settlements altogether.” It also demanded the “dismantling of the separation wall” and the introduction of an international peacekeeping force, and expressed dismay at “the use of United States-made weapons and aircraft provided to Israel and being used for attacks on civilian targets, which occur with increasing frequency.”

By their own admission, the Anglicans didn't meet with any Israelis! No mention of Arab terror. Know why? Because, like their ancestors, murdering Jews isn't a crime. Know why? Jews aren't people. It's really very simple. Check it out.

Asked if Palestinian suicide bombers had played a role in the current violent impasse, Rev. Grieves said, “Suicide bombings are a reaction to the continuing occupation. Israel does bear responsibility for the occupation.”

You see, when they murder us, it's our fault! The real kicker, though is the fact that while they're supporting Palestinian terrorm, the same terrorists are murdering Arab Christians. There are hardly any Christians in Bethlehem because the Muslims are raping and murdering Christians. So they left for the US and South America. Dobn't confuse these guys with facts though.

The Anglican Communion has a number of partner churches in Jerusalem and the West Bank. “The Presbyterians don’t, but they have a strong, longstanding presence in the region,” she said. “We do know that American Christian leaders listen to their Palestinian Christian partners.” She said that strong Christian advocacy on behalf of the Palestinians is necessary to balance overwhelming administration and congressional support for Israel.

The only Christians who care about their co-religionists are the Evangelicals. Period. They were here this week, to march in support of the only other people who protect Christians in the Middle East. Israel.


At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Asked if Palestinian suicide bombers had played a role in the current violent impasse, Rev. Grieves said, Suicide bombings are a reaction to the continuing occupation. Israel does bear responsibility for the occupation."

That's exactly what they say here, that Israel has herself to blame for suicide bombs. It makes you think how strong people's anti-semitic tendencies must be, cause it doesn't take a genius to understand that the following statement is incorrect...



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