Sunday, September 19, 2004


Paternalism is really an illness. You know about paternalism. That's when you say something you truly believe in and the person you tell looks at you with this sickeningly all-knowing look and says something like: 'You really don't believe that. Do you?" Or, 'I know better than you how you should feel.' It's creepy beyond belief, because when you say something from your gut, you're exposed. You took a chance and put aside your defenses and WHAM! the other guy dismisses you like you were some kind of drivelling idiot.

You don't like that kind of treatment? Well, neither does anyone else. Yet that's exactly the way PC Liberals and Leftists treat Muslims. When Muslims say they oppose what the West represents because it's corrupt or immodest, or blasphemous they mean it. What do Liberals say? 'You really don't mean that. Jihad can't be against pluralism. You're just responding to Jewish and American injustices. If these were removed you"ll be fine.' What does 'fine' mean? It means just like us. The argument seems to go: Anyone who's human has a mind. Anyone with a mind will be a PC Liberal. Therefore, humans are PC Liberals.

Is it any wonder that Muslims recoil in the face of Western disrespect? I have news for the orthodox PC'ers. Most Muslims relate to reality differently than you do. Mostr Muslims believe that Jews and Christians should be second class citizens, or dhimmi. If you want an, unfortunately, representative portrayal of what American Muslims think of Jews , especially the liberal kind, try Aisha's ideas on for size.


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