Monday, September 06, 2004

Jewish Pathology: Mourning Sheikh Yassin II

A person needs to admit he was wrong. I was stunned at our Professor from Stoneybrook for mourning Sheikh Yassin and thought that Israelis on the Left also thought that he (and Hamas) deserved what they got.

I was wrong. Danny Rubinstein, Arafat fan and biographer has today warned his readers that Al-Qaeda is worse than Hamas. Hence, he says:

Israel's government - which boycotts the Palestinians' national government and no longer views it as a partner for diplomatic dialogue, and is now also threatening to attack Hamas leaders in Syria - is thus liable to bring about a situation in which, on the ruins of these organizations, wild growths that are many times crueler and more dangerous will spring up

So, we should be nice to Hamas because Al-Qaeda is worse? What planet does this guy live on?


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